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Burning Suns is an intense tactical science fiction game set in an expansive universe, where you'll be competing for supremacy through technology, diplomacy, exploitation and destruction.

Burning Suns focus on tactical depth, thematic experiences with lots of important choices and high replayability.

Print your own copy of the Burning Suns with over 400 components (English and Polish language) incl. 3D files for miniatures (OBJ).

You'll receive future updates at no extra cost.

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Special note - Polish Fan Edition

With consent from SunTzuGames, Dobromir Planszowy has created modifications for the following components: Systems, Race Ideologies, Cards, Items and Leaders (available as A4 prints).

After purchasing the official Print'n'Play, can get these modifications from Dobromir for free.

3 ZIP, 2 PDF and 1 RAR
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